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Translation and editing:

We have a partnership with Kantoor Verschoor Boekmakers. A reputable firm with many years of experience in translation and editing.


Our core business. We design books, covers, brochures, websites, e-books and virtually all kinds of graphic material.


Co-productions require exact fitting of text. We have   a lot of of experience in doing so!


We have an Agfa XY15 scanner, one of the best there is. High quality scans.


On our sherpa proofing system you will get the result as if it was printed on a full colour press!


A hot item in the publishing industry. We have done it, still do it and have the necessary experience.


Every company has a website. But we focus on major functionality, where the client can change the content whenever needed.
Look for example on  http://dikkiedik.gottmer.nl/ or www.hv-hb.nl. .
We create comprehensive and competent E-commerce websites, Portals and Corporate websites on our own workframe


Our designer Veronique creates many covers for Harlequin Publishers, Alexander Watson Associates, Ark Media and other publishers..


We can provide high quality printing at low cost. We will select the best printer for the job. You will get a quote and this quote will contain all costs. So no surprises afterwards.


The brand-new way to present your company. We are official reseller. Businesscards of a4/a5 brochures with lcd-screens.
Date: 29.01.2015
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